Taste of Philly in Alabama: Yuengling Better in the Bottle

When I was in Baltimore I mentioned that Yuengling wasn’t as good as I remembered, that it tasted funny out of a tap.

Update: It must have been the tap at the restaurant. I had a bottle of it in Alabama recently and enjoyed – it drank like the smooth, flavorful amber lager I remember it being in high school.

Alabama is an interesting little place – I spent the night in Huntsville on the recent road trip from California to Philly.

Southern cities are very spread out – they tend to build out instead of up. San Antonio, Austin, Huntsville – I found this to be true on most of my southern swing.

Not much to report about Huntsville – I honestly just crashed for the evening – however I am interested in planning a trip to central and southern Alabama in the future.

I feel like the real culture is to be found in the trenches, perhaps during the fall when Alabama and Auburn bump helmets.

Coming up: Lots of year-end coverage (including Best Happy Hour Spots) and more tales from my ten-day cross-country journey.


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