2012: Blood Pumps as Inspiration Flows for New Year

People tell me they won’t watch any video longer than a minute or two, so I know I’m going out on a limb here by posting one that runs over four minutes.

As a writer, I want so badly for it all to be different, but maybe a reduced attention span throughout the world is inevitable with all our new-found instant technology. I’m not excluding myself – I’m as guilty as anyone in my avoidance of rambling writing, stories and articles that don’t understand what it means to hook the reader as they simultaneously entertain and inform.

Zip-lining at Toro Verde Adventure Nature Park in Puerto Rico.

The reason I love this video is because it shows how people can take what they love, no matter how crazy or foreign, and make it their lives. They push boundaries, providing proof to couch dwellers everywhere that while extreme exploration of life may be dangerous, not much else provides as great a reward. It is true: Some of my fondest memories surround skydiving in Santa Barbara (twice) and zip-lining in Puerto Rico.

No shirts and ties here my friends, and it brings a smile to my face like a firework on New Year’s Eve.

I know it’s on the longer side – double what I’m told is watchable these days – but I think you’ll find it amazing, and I hope it gives you some motivation for 2012:


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