2011 Happy Hour Spot #4: Saona Island, Dominican Republic

When I first wrote about Saona Island, I spoke about how amazingly beautiful and tranquil the small island appeared to me during my time there – and it is this beauty and character that has secured it the #4 ranking on my countdown of the best happy hour spots of 2011.

Saona Island, Dominican Republic

It’s a small island off the coast of the Dominican Republic, where I spent a few days this past September checking out the Barcelo Bavaro (and defending resorts from the comments of out-of-touch travel writers), drinking Dominican rum, and trying to explain what it means to feel content after a sail off the coast of Bavaro Beach.

Saona Island is beautiful – the scenery reminds me of the posters on my wall, the ones that inspire me every day when I wake up. The smells of grilled chicken, fish, and beef were passing by with the breeze, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the water, that damn blue water.

Yup, those are good memories. I remember very clearly the walk I took down the beach, the donkey I saw, the thorns I got caught in my foot. I remember what was going on in my life at the time, both personal and as a travel writer, and man, as the rain in Philadelphia pours down this afternoon, I couldn’t want to jump back into those pictures more.

Once you get to Saona, you’ll get to sip drinks and relax as the staff prepares the food (the aforementioned grilled chicken, beef, and fish). There are plenty of picnic tables and beach chairs, and there’s a volleyball court and the stunning beach. On the catamaran trip back to Bayahibe from Saona, there was plenty of drinking and dancing to be had, but I sat at the bow of the boat, hearing all the sounds and feeling like the peace of mind would go on forever, like there was nothing that could take it away from me.

Tours leave daily from the fishing village of Bayahibe, and most companies will pick you up from your hotel. Feel free to write me for specific recommendations.

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Our Cat just offshore.
Dance party on the Cat.
Hanging on the ride back to the DR mainland.


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