Breakfast Table Convo: Proof That Loose Change Adds Up

In what has become a weekly column (for the most part), here are a few headlines to chat about at the table this weekend:

The TSA thanks all those passengers who left coins behind at security checkpoints in 2010 – they ended up walking away with over $400,000. Currently, all the money collected goes to funding TSA operations.

Passengers at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York left the most change in 2010 ($46,918.06), followed by Los Angeles International ($19,110.83), Hartsfield Atlanta International ($16,523.83), San Francisco International ($15,908.02), and Miami International ($15,844.83), according to the TSA.

Yikes – hang on to those pennies, kids. I can say with confidence that I never once contributed to that total.

I think I figured out what’s holding most of us back from fulfilling our New Year’s workout plans year in and year out. When I walk on my gym’s treadmill, I have a view of the sweaty people downstairs lifting weights. If I could exercise at one of these ten gyms, I would probably double my workout time.

According to the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Department, Philly established the first hospital, the first medical school, the first stock exchange, the first mint, the first theater, the first art museum and school, the first protests against slavery, the first zoo, the first department store and the first computer.

I haven’t been able to confirm all of these yet, but history buffs should certainly get their tails to Philly.

Happy Friday.


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