2011 Photo of the Year Captured in Nassau, Bahamas

It took me a few weeks to decide, but I’ve settled on this photo as my favorite from the past year, taken November 10th, 2011, in Nassau (when I was introduced to extra-strength beer and Guava Duff).

The reason I love it is because you see how beautiful the scenery is – it’s absolutely stunning – yet this man seems to have had a bad day, he seems to be down and having a drink by himself.

How often in life have we each been down that road? Surrounded by good things, yet completely unable to appreciate them – our head hanging low instead of held high – something eating us from within.

Or maybe he was noticing it all – the birds and the clouds and the lighthouse – using the scene to clear his mind and sort it out. I have done this plenty of times in my life – nature tends to have a calming effect on me.

I’m usually extremely outgoing when I travel, yet I did not approach this man. Something in the aura of the moment prevented me from doing so – I felt like he needed that time to be all his.

Check out all my stories from that trip to Nassau and Exuma, including swimming with pigs, feeding french fries to an endangered species and invading a local’s home for dinner.

2011 Photo of the Year, Nassau, Bahamas


  1. Great photo, Will! Maybe think about entering it in a National Geographic Photo Contest, or National Geographic’s Your Shot? It’s excellent–really captured a moment in time.

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