Mexico Manana: Back on the Road in 2012

I’ll be on-the-go for the next 12 days, kicking off what should be a great couple of weeks.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Cancun, where I’ll be checking out the Costa Cancun, as well as helping out with a few promotional videos (I might get married again).

Costa Cancun

I’m not sure when, but eventually we’ll head south to the Riviera Maya and spend a couple days there. I land in Philadelphia next Thursday and back out of the driveway the following day for the Finger Lakes to take a scenic flight, attend a wine festival, and stay at a bed-and-breakfast.

I’m still trying to figure out the beginning of February, but I’m penciled in for St. Maarten for two weeks from the 12th to the 26th, followed by a trek up to Syracuse at the beginning of March. Day trips and experiences in the city of Philadelphia will be sprinkled in along the way.

It’s exciting to have a plan and a filled-out schedule, and it’s even moreso amazing to know that each of the next 12 days will be 12 unique days – there’s no grind or routine in my travel approach. Stories to come this week in addition to Mexico: 2011 Happy Hour Spot #3 and Affinia Manhattan, time permitting.

Costa Cancun

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