February in Canada: Quebec City Winter Carnival

I have received and accepted an invitation to attend the Quebec City Winter Carnival from February 2-5.

I’m currently writing from the cozy confines of Cancun, but I’ve been wanting to get back to Canada ever since I returned from a trip in 2006.

Rafting at Quebec Winter Carnival.

I went with my best friends to Toronto to celebrate the New Year, mainly beacuse none of us were 21 and we wanted to party. The reasons you do things when you’re young are interesting to look back at, yet the important thing is that we got off the couch and did something – we went out to discover a foreign place together.

I’ve changed a lot since then, back when I was still dreaming of being a counseling psychologist and all the writing I did was late at night, pouring out collegiate emotions onto the blank page – I didn’t even consider myself a writer. I enjoyed my time in Toronto, although I don’t feel I’m in the position to review it for travel purposes – it was over six years ago.

Looks like the winter part of the carnival will live up to it’s name: The high today is 8 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ll have a more specific preview as we get closer and the itinerary begins to take shape.


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