Playa Azul Photos: A Walk and a Wedding

The afternoon before throwing a few back at the discoteca, we made the trek across the beautiful Barcelo Maya grounds to the southern most point of the property, Playa Azul (more photos of the grounds still to come).

I took a walk by myself as soon as we got there – it was early and the beach was mostly empty. It was a chance to catch my breath, my bare feet in the wet sand. At the end of the hotel property it became rocky and I gladly traversed, noticing fish and crabs in the small pools they created.

Looking back toward the Barcelo, I could see the terrace being set up for the wedding. There was a real one scheduled for 3 p.m., and I laughed, thinking about how in a few minutes I would break in the alter for them (for the video shoot). This isn’t my first go around (see photos from the first in Puerto Vallarta and the second in Manzanillo), yet I still found myself appreciating it all, the colors of the flowers against the white of the clouds and the transparency of the water.

Enjoy the photos – I’m probably screwing up the actual experience should I ever get married for real – I’d have to really go all out to top some of these settings.


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