Video: What I've Been Working on the Past Few Months

I’m currently having a blast trekking through the snow-covered streets of Quebec, enjoying the French culture and the winter lifestyle. I’ve been eating lots of comfort food, and yesterday I took to the mountains and went snowshoeing (story and photos to come).

Today I will check out the Winter Carnival, but before I arrived here on Wednesday and spent the night at the ice hotel, I was in Mexico for almost two weeks working on a few video projects.

Each property will have multiple videos of their own, but here’s a compilation preview of the work we’ve done at the Barcelo resorts, courtesy of Blackburst Entertainment and my amigo Walter Lowe. The guy is a whiz with the camera, and I can’t wait to see the finished products (and the blooper reels!). Props also to Trey Jenkins for his great work lighting the scenes, and for being the only guy I know who purchases Luchador masks.


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