Caribou in a Cane: Igloo Heats Up with ‘Snow Rave’

I mentioned that we went after it pretty hard on Saturday at the Quebec City Winter Carnival, which has stepped up its game in recent years and added nightlife to its repertoire. The drummer in the middle of the igloo was definitely something I’ve never seen before, and drinking vodka out of a plastic cane was new to me as well (see video).

Filling up the cane. Photo credit:

About the cane – it’s a Quebec City tradition, typically filled with Caribou, a hot beverage of wine mixed with some sort of booze, usually whiskey, vodka or gin (recipes vary). I tried it over the weekend and enjoyed, the hot red wine sure to make the cheeks rosy. The drink has some history behind it: Apparently the native Indians used to consume the blood of the caribou in an effort to utilize their entire kill, but when the white man came they weren’t such a fan, so they added liquor. Whenever they switched over to wine, I’m sure their heating bills greatly decreased.

When the Carnival closed down we continued on to Maurice Nightclub, which I would recommend for those looking to cut it up. Two floors and a positive vibe throughout, nice people. It was funny to see the coat room, where those arriving shed hats and gloves and snow pants to reveal club attire.

Check out Wake and Wander’s Facebook page to see the video of the Igloo rave.

Maurice Nightclub, Quebec City

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