European History, Feel Walk Old Quebec’s Winter Streets

The name “Quebec” means “where the river narrows,” located on the St. Lawrence. This made the region an important piece of the puzzle back during its settlement – if you controlled the area, you could control traffic on the water – the main reason Britain and France battled over it during the 1700s.

My favorite part of the city was Old Quebec, a section resting beside the river and surrounded by the walls of an old fort (occupied by both the French and British at different points in history).

I wrote that Quebec City feels more like a village than a small city, and the European streets and shops of Old Quebec definitely contribute to that. No tall corporate structures, no cookie-cutter buildings – everything had a personality. The snow, pine trees, red-ribboned wreaths, and Winter Carnival promotions helped it maintain a holiday feel, creating that homey aura I mentioned.

Old Quebec’s port was the site of the ice canoe race on Sunday. Story to come – find a preview photo at the bottom.

Aerial view of Old Quebec.

Ice canoe racing at Quebec City Winter Carnival.

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