2011 Happy Hour Spot #2: Chat ‘N’ Chill, Exuma Islands

I think the first thing that caught my attention about the Chat ‘N’ Chill is that you have to take a boat to get there (any place that is inaccessible by car is right up my alley). Located on Stocking Island, it’s a five/ten minute ferry ride from Georgetown, and it checks in at #2 on my countdown of the Best Happy Hour Spots of 2011.

2011 Happy Hour Spot #2

While I am certain it is a fun place to hang throughout the entire day, being on the beach with a drink in hand at or around sunset is obviously the best course of action. That’s when the light on the water really starts to dazzle, and we caught the late-afternoon ferry, positioning ourselves to enjoy a few cold ones as the colors changed in the sky.

I was still on a Kalik kick from my trip to Nassau, and into my hand it went. I walked out of the hut and down the beach, towards the picnic tables and palm trees. There’s a volleyball court, music, food and tropical drinks, but I was all right with the beer and my feet in the sand, my ass in the chair (cheers Zac). The views and the weather were sort of paralyzing.

It was not until I was leaving that it all came together for me, when that “ah ha” moment took place. The ferry ride back to Georgetown was insanely gorgeous – I featured it in my video recap of my time in Exuma. I was straddling the side of the boat, one foot in the water. The sunset was epic – it’s not too often you get treated to one over the water while you yourself are on the water.

The way you get there, the elements of the island, and the activities you partake in on Exuma before you kick back for happy hour are what makes Chat ‘N’ Chill one of my favorite watering holes of 2011.

Check it out:

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