Breakfast Table Convo: Carnival Police, Flirting on Airplanes

There is an issue developing in Rio de Janeiro – a very large percentage of the police force has gone on strike just a week before Carnival.

The army is mobilized, but over two million people are expected to be on the streets each day. I don’t think this is something they are going to want to mess around with – they don’t want to watch all those tourism dollars go toward repairing the city next month.

A man invented a website called We Met On A Plane, designed to allow people who meet/flirt on flights to reconnect once grounded.

It makes me laugh. Here’s their pitch:

But what if you’ve spent a cross-country flight successfully flirting with a seatmate whose contact information you neglect to secure as you exit the plane?

What is it with people these days? Is it that difficult to speak face-to-face? I have a hard time fathoming a situation where “successful flirting” takes place over the course of a flight but a chance to acquire his or her contact information does not arise.

It’s not a subway with multiple stops and musical seats. You’re next to that person and know full well when they are going to get off the plane.

Grow up. Ask for the damn number when you’re sitting next to them!


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