Nude Beach Debate Once Again Reveals Its Head

Nine couples let it all hang out on Valentine’s Day as they tied the knot in Jamaica on Hedonism, one of the most famous nude beaches in the Caribbean. I think it’s great – talk about something you’ll remember forever.

A few months ago I questioned whether or not I had the stones to drop trou and put myself out there. I truly want to experience it – and I will – however I don’t know how I feel about it as a solo activity. It’s an adventure most likely left to when I’m traveling with a significant other, or at the very least a close friend of the opposite sex.

I’m not uptight or shy about it, yet some experiences weren’t meant to be tried alone.

That said, I don’t know if I can rule it out. I’m going to Orient Beach (St. Maarten) in a few days, which is clothing optional. If the mood is right and I’m able to join a group already in action, I probably won’t hesitate or pass it up.

What’s the best way to break the ice in that regard? Need some sunscreen?

I certainly won’t be asking anyone to do my back.



  1. I say let them play in their Birthday Suits!! and if you don’t like it then go to another beach!!

    Its like those people that get upset when a puppy bumps into them or walks on their towel @ Henry’s Beach (Dog Beach)!!!
    If you don’t like dogs, PLEASE don’t go to a DOG beach!!!
    I hear there are other beaches in town!!!

    Or they go hiking and turn red at having to share the trail with Mountain bikers!!

    I wish everyone would just relax, enjoy this paradise, play with an open g heart, know that the glass is not half empty but half full, and remember to Smile at every opportunity possible!!!

    In other words, “Act like my Lab!!”

    Sincerely, a very happy person :-))))

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