Anguilla Preview: Ferry Shoves off Tomorrow Morning

One of my readers wrote me when she heard I was going to St. Maarten. Not because of that island, but because of the one next to it: Anguilla.

She told me I should take the ferry from Marigot over to Anguilla for a day trip, cab it to Cap Juluca or Viceroy or Malliouhana on the west end and visit “heaven on earth.”

I’m not the best at following directions, but I am going to Anguilla tomorrow. I’ll leave from Simpson Bay in the morning and take the boat ride over (short, 20-30 minutes). I’ll tour the island, visit some hotels and check out the beaches. I really don’t have any expectations – just looking forward to exploring a new place, another Caribbean island. Anguilla is 35 square-miles in total.

I don’t know anything about heaven, however I did find this photo:


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