Sweet Silence: Anguilla's Beaches an Introvert's Dream

I mentioned that one of my readers was pushing me to visit Anguilla while I was on nearby St. Maarten. After I took her advice and did a day trip, I informed her of my impressions – that I was stunned by the utter silence of the island.

She responds:

Meads Bay.

That silence is music to my ears.  It takes about 6-7 days before you start to hear the beauty in that quiet.  After that you stop talking too and a mere “grunt” can mean volumes – reading a book on an Anguillian beach after 14 days or so can be as loud as a concert.  That is exactly why I love it there.

I thought this was great insight (thanks Ellen) and even though I only spent 6 hours in Anguilla due to the busy schedule, I can say I didn’t experience what she’s talking about.

Another reason the beaches are highly regarded: The quality of the sand is noticeably different. When I took my foot out of my flip flop and put my bare skin into the sand at Meads Bay for the first time, all the hype I had heard immediately made sense. I was digging the front part of my foot into the sand, my toes wiggling, and I felt like I was, honestly, slipping into a silk pair of socks.

During my trip, I got the inside scoop on what the Anguillian’s drink: A homemade booze called Mama Wanna. No surprise, it’s made of “herbs.”

Recipe on the way – enjoy the beach photos:

Sandy Ground
Lounging at Shoal Bay.
Cap Juluca.
Meads Bay.
Meads Bay.
Meads Bay - no crowds.
View of St. Maarten from Paradise Cove.



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