Fresh Powder, Mild Temperatures Await Wake in Salt Lake

Looks like I might get lucky: The ski region outside of Salt Lake is expecting snow today, about one to three inches. It’s supposed to be mild the rest of the week – highs in the mid-50s and clear skies.

Given the temperatures I doubt there will be major accumulation, however even a dusting will help to set the mood as I kick off my four-day, four-mountain swing on Tuesday. The first stop will be Snowbird after spending tonight at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake.

I typically like it to be a bit on the colder side when skiing – lots of sweat in the ski pants is not exactly ideal – but that’s why they make vents on the jackets. Believe me, I’ll never complain about warm air and sunny skies.

I’m about to board in Philadelphia – see you on the other side.


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