On the Road in Utah: From the Sticks to the Ritz

Yesterday after we pretended to be superheroes at the indoor skydiving facility in Ogden (30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City), we drove up the mountain and into the valley.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous landscape, the ranch and country vibe in full effect in the shadows of the mountains. On the valley floor it is green and dry, but ten minutes up the hill and you’re at two ski resorts. As you drive the snow base builds, and looking up at the peaks I could see the white, bright snow.

I must say – Utah is an outdoor junkie’s paradise – there are literally mountains in every direction as far as the eye can see.

This morning I skied Powder Mountain – one of the largest skiable areas in the state (over 7000 acres). I’m currently sitting in the back of a UConn, watching the pleasant scenery and the winding river of Ogden pass by. We’ll be in Park City in about 15 minutes, where we will spend the night at the Silver Baron Lodge and further debunk the myth that drinks are hard to come by in Utah.

The leg muscles feel good and worked, and tomorrow will be the final day of skiing as we hit the slopes of Deer Valley, which has been voted the top resort in North America by readers of Ski Magazine for the past five years. I will have feature stories in various places (some here) that will explain all the differences between the resorts – tomorrow will be my fourth mountain in as many days – and they all are vacation worthy in their own way, each boasting different strengths and opportunities.

Here are a few photos from lesser known Ogden Valley, home of Powder Mountain (story on lodging and the resort to come). It’s an awfully affordable and laid back spot for a ski vacation, be it a family or a group of friends. The first picture was taken at sunrise, the others the night before, after the clouds had rolled in.

Also, a video of my ritzy room at the Silver Baron Lodge at the base of Deer Valley Resort:


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