New World Order: Denver Center of Conspiracy Chatter

I’m not going to go totally nuts on you, however I will give you something to chat about on your next flight to Denver, something that will be fun to bring up to the person sitting beside you (I’m pretty sure the man next to me on my flight from Denver to Santa Barbara thought I was a looney toon).

Many people believe that below the Denver Airport exists a secret underground complex, meant to be the headquarters of the New World Order – an elite group of influential and wealthy world leaders that aim to create a one-world government. Some believe its fulfillment would be in the case of an apocalyptic event (such as massive floods or nuclear war), yet more hardcore conspiracy theorists think it’s the sign of a coming global genocide.

I too flinched at the phrase global genocide – not because it’s impossible (I mean, had Hitler won World War II, he sure as hell would have tried), but because it’s such a large claim to make. My first thought was, “Okay, a secret base, sure, but plans to kill everyone? Where did you get that from?”

Theorists point to several murals displayed throughout the airport that have stirred up controversy. While the creator of the art states he’s simply portraying our turbulent relationship with the environment, others claim they illustrate plans by the New World Order for global takeover.

They believe that In Peace and Harmony with Nature is suggesting a second Noah’s Ark – protecting elite species as the world burns – and that Children of the World Dream of Peace foreshadows plans to cut the world’s population down to 2 billion (hence the killing of the dove/the end of peace). The solider is shown wearing a gas mask, and “Au Ag” is engraved below the mural, which is supposedly shorthand for Australia Antigen – a deadly, airborne form of hepatitis.

See the paintings for yourself below. There’s plenty more to read up on: Mysterious carvings/engravings/symbols throughout the terminals, Queen Elizabeth purchasing land around the Denver Airport, and the ridiculous amount of empty space surrounding the facility. Those interested in a full rundown of the conspiracy theory should simply Google and You Tube the issue – there’s plenty out there to get you started.

The evidence doesn’t really add up for me at this point, yet I will concede the choice of art for an airport is rather strange. Fellow travelers can also back me up on this – the place is indeed in the middle of nowhere.

In Peace and Harmony With Nature
Children of the World Dream of Peace

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  1. HAHA! I am so glad you posted about this. The nerd in me is a little obsessed with the DIA conspiracy theory.

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