Trip: Wake to Return to Detroit As City, Residents Regroup

I have accepted an invitation to travel to Detroit at the beginning of May, to investigate what’s going on in the Motor City. Last June I spent some time at the Ford complex in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit, and it was the first trip I covered on Wake and Wander after it was absorbed by GoNOMAD.

I spent one pleasant night at the Fillmore Theatre across from Comerica Park, and I was treated to a semi-circle rainbow that stretched across much of the sky (see below). It was only one night – I spent most of my time drag racing pickup trucks and learning to be a super smeller – but that one night made me realize that the city still had a spirit buried below the crumbling infrastructure.

I’m not sure many people consider Detroit a travel destination at the moment – it certainly has had a rough stretch of late – but if there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s finding the fun to be had in any situation. I will be writing a feature for GoNOMAD’s main site on how the city is beginning to rebuild, how entrepreneurs and artists are flocking to a theoretical blank canvas.

The opportunity which stems from that blank canvas, like a rainbow, should be looked upon as a sign of hope.



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