Romance in Savannah: Zeigler House Kicks Off B&B Swing

Yesterday I made the drive from Orlando to Savannah, coming back up the east coast into Georgia after a long weekend in Florida.

I have many stories to share from Orlando (as well as a few more to come from St. Simons), including trips to Universal Studios and Disney (my balloon ride was unfortunately canceled due to windy weather). I had been traveling through St. Simons and Orlando with friends and fellow writers, but now I am flying solo here in Savannah. I love traveling with a group, however being on my own has its benefits as well.

Productivity and freedom of scheduling are two of them, but sleeping alone in a romantic room is not on the list.

Zeigler House, Savannah Georgia

Even though I’ve been doing this (travel writing) for a year and half, I still have some things to improve upon, and remembering to confirm the size of my party is currently the most relevant. When I arrived at the Zeigler House in Savannah in the early afternoon and met the owner, Jackie, she was surprised to see me.

Well, she was surprised to see only me.

“I thought you were traveling with someone,” she told me, “I gave you the most romantic room.”

I laughed, but she wasn’t kidding. It’s called the Giverney Suite, and I almost feel bad staying in here knowing that there are couples sleeping downstairs in smaller rooms. Fresh flowers decorate the coffee and dining tables, and there’s even an orchid on the nightstand. From my window I can see the purple clouds and pink sky, the sun setting behind the trees.

The live oaks really do it for me here in Savannah (it seems to be a common trend throughout Georgia). Every other block you find yourself walking under a canopy, strolling in the shaded squares beside the flowering bushes. There are benches everywhere, almost as if they are arranged so another is always in sight (that’s probably not true, but it sure seems that way).

Many of the sidewalks are made of old cobblestones or red bricks, which drives home that historic feel. Savannah is a town built around squares – they’re everywhere (and beautiful… see map below, I’ll have photos later).

An interesting thing about the Zeigler House: Unlike most B&Bs, breakfast is not served in the dining room – you have it at your leisure in your room. My kitchen is stocked with fresh baked goods (made daily by Jackie… cream-cheese danishes, blueberry muffins, monkey bread), cereal, English muffins, coffee, tea, milk, juice, yogurt, etc (all included in room rate).

I think that this could be a welcome change if you are embarking on a romantic weekend – no pressure to get up and go downstairs for a hot meal – you can enjoy coffee and breakfast at your leisure as you wake up in the suite. I’m a social being, yet I can see the allure of not having to leave the comfy bed to run down and eat with the rest of the guests, to not feel obligated when you know the innkeeper has been slaving away at the stove since the crack of dawn. I’m not taking sides, though – I see the benefit in both approaches.

That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla.


Map showing squares of Savannah.
Zeigler House in Savannah, Georgia.
Giverney Suite at Zeigler House.
Giverney Suite at Zeigler House.
Giverney Suite at Zeigler House.
Giverney Suite at Zeigler House.
Outdoor patio at the Zeigler House.
Afternoon snacks at the Zeigler House.
Downstairs common room at the Zeigler House.
Savannah sunset.

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