Disney: Eating and Drinking Around the World at Epcot

My favorite days are the ones when I partake in something I never anticipated.

Spaceship Earth at Epcot.

That’s the great thing about life and travel – the ability to be surprised by yourself. Things have happened to me on the road that I never would have predicted, the most recent being the experience of drinking hot sake from a plastic cup at an amusement park.

Beauty and the Beast were over by the railing signing autographs for a line of kids, and meanwhile my friends and I were trying to decide between Kronenbourg and a Grey Goose/Grand Marnier daiquiri in France, one of 11 countries represented at Epcot’s World Showcase. I often wondered why a family destination like Disney would sell beer at a frozen lemonade stand, but it doesn’t seem to bother a soul.

The average family saves for three to five years to take a trip to Disney (three to five years!), and I suppose that would drive me to drink, no judgement (admission tickets are approaching $80 these days). I’d be making the very best of every minute, for sure. I’m pretty sure Disney is the only place you can get away with having a beer occupy the cup holder of a stroller.

Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Walt apparently had a vision for a self-sustaining city, however it did not turn out exactly as he envisioned: In EPCOT, Walt set out to create a new kind of city, an ideal community where residents would apply the best thinking and technology to the challenges of transportation, communication, and sanitation. Unfortunately, Walt simply did not live long enough to see this particular dream to reality.

Instead, we have groups of friends attempting to have at least one drink at every country.

Funny how things work out (sorry Walt), but we did have a good time that day walking through the park, sampling the food and drink options in all the countries. I didn’t go too crazy: I had a pineapple margarita in Mexico, hot sake in Japan, Kronenbourg in France, and Boddingtons in the United Kingdom. Aren’t you proud?

People I’ve told have taken their jabs – they think I should have gone 11 for 11 – yet I think that’s a little aggressive for a number of reasons (cost, longevity, practicality, children).

And no offense America, but I wasn’t exactly itching for a six-dollar Bud Light.


Yours truly in Morocco.

Mission Space: Two people have died riding this space shuttle launch simulator (apparently from pre-existing conditions), and they have since taken the intensity down a notch. I could feel it in my chest and senses – the g-forces are strong with this one.

Spaceship Earth: Inside the icon of Epcot, riders witness the development and advancement of communication from the caveman to present day – as well as an interactive look at the future (see photos below).

IllumiNations Reflections: I was worn out by the time this show rolled around at night, but I was happy to have stayed once the fireworks started exploding in the sky. Check out some photos and video of the display.

Soarin’: This ride simulates a peaceful hang-gliding flight over the state of California. From the Golden Gate Bridge to San Diego, you’ll swoop down from the mountains over the ocean and amongst the redwoods.

Fast passes are free at Disney (it comes as part of your ticket), which means you can reserve a time to come back and “skip the line.” It significantly reduces wait time and is easy to use – check out all the details here.


Spaceship Earth.
Spaceship Earth Future Photo
Tequila bar in Mexico.
Yours truly in Morocco.
The crew in the U.K.
The crew in Morocco.

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