2012: It’s the End of the World As We Know It?

On the way to check out Eastern Maryland we stopped at the Calvert Marine Museum where the prehistoric past, natural history, and maritime heritage come together to explore the story of the Chesapeake Bay. There was an exhibit that captured my full attention, its message especially relevant given the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar in December of 2012.

When I was in Mexico I interviewed a young Mayan man, who promptly debunked my loaded questions. He said it was just as if your grandfather had been unable or forgotten to finish something before he passed. Despite my prying and enthusiasm towards the now commercialized doomsday theory, he wouldn’t budge. In so many words, he told me it was a bunch of crap.

Well, I’ve got news for the Mayans (and the rest of the world): Sooner or later, the end is coming.

The exhibit that caught my eye dealt with the changing landscape of the earth over the past 400 million years. At some point, the earth’s crust will rumble and the oceans will rise. We’ve seen examples of this in recent history, although none have been “significant” enough to permanently reshape the land mass.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but education is a part of travel. You can’t just ignore things that make you uncomfortable. The graphics below speak for themselves:


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