Sleepover in Seattle: Fast First Look at Northwest Corner

I was shown proof today that it doesn’t always rain in Seattle, but unfortunately it was only for one short afternoon. It didn’t start raining – I simply had a boat to catch. I flew into Seattle early Thursday afternoon, giving myself a few hours to check out the city.

View of downtown skyline from Myrtle Edwards Park.

I had some great recommendations from a friend that my research showed I would probably really enjoy: A restaurant in University District (Thai Tom), Gas Works Park, Alki Beach Park, Lake Washington, the many islands to the west and the abundance of national parks that surround the Emerald City.

As always, I’m long on ideas but short on time – I shove off on an Alaskan cruise tomorrow afternoon, leaving me only a few hours to explore the city during the daylight. Rather than chase my tail running all over, I decided to hang out downtown – that part of the city was as new to me as any of the others. Next time, nature, I thought, looking over the map and the abundance of green spaces.

I took the light rail from the airport to downtown (40 minutes) and checked in at the Vintage Park Hotel at the corner of 5th and Spring, and my first impressions are very favorable, both in terms of location and personality (more to come).

When I walked up the stairs to street level, I was surprised: I wasn’t expecting the hills.

You know, it sort of reminded me of San Francisco upon first glance, not necessarily in terms of exact looks or vibe, but the hills, the clean air that comes through the trees, and the view of the water you get when you stand on certain street corners call to mind the City by the Bay, the abundance of green and pines drawing up memories of Big Sur.

I am going to have dinner in the Space Needle tonight with a few friends, hopefully around sunset. Thoughts and photos to come. Here’s a few from downtown Seattle:

Downtown Seattle, Washington
Space Needle, Seattle, Washington
View of downtown skyline from Myrtle Edwards Park.
Waterfront, Downtown Seattle, Washington
Myrtle Edwards Park, Downtown, Seattle, Washington
Waterfront, Downtown, Seattle, Washington