Boulder, Colorado: Climbing Photos and Brief Thoughts

I’m currently writing the story for the Small Newspaper Group about my rock climbing trip with the Colorado Mountain School in Boulder – so I’ll save most of my commentary until I see what’s what – but I did want to share some photos.

I must say, looking through these it really hit me – the beauty of Boulder, the grandeur of the entire experience. It’s one thing to climb in a gym or in some unknown mountain range, it’s another to tackle the entrance to the Rockies. Boulder is considered one of the top places in the world to climb, and I can certainly see why – the arena is what will ensure I never forget the trek.

Hopefully, these photos give you an idea of what I’m babbling about. You can check out a few others on Wake and Wander’s Facebook page.

My friend climbing in Boulder Canyon.
Boulder Canyon climbing.
Boulder Canyon.
Yours truly repelling in Eldorado Canyon.
Climbing in Eldorado Canyon.
Repelling down the back of the flatirons.
Climbing in Eldorado Canyon.
Climbing in Eldorado Canyon.
Climbing in Eldorado Canyon.
My guide from Colorado Mountain School near the top of the flatirons.
The Rocky Mountains
The Flatirons of Chautauqua Park.
Taking in the view from the Flatirons.
View of the Rockies and Boulder from the Flatirons.
Taking a rest near the top of the Flatirons.

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