Checking In: Correspondents Write From California, Michigan

I’ve been a busy man this summer – which is good – however the reality of it is that there’s still a lot I miss out on, things I’d like to tell you about but simply can’t get out to see myself for one reason or another.

I’ve enlisted the help of a few correspondents – a trend I hope continues as we go forward. You’ll still get plenty of me and my perspective, but every now and then we’ll check in with a few of my friends around the globe. Please feel free to send me your feedback anytime.

Briana Westmacott relays her relaxation from a spa/golf weekend at the Hyatt Regency Monterey in Northern California, located along arguably the most beautiful coastline in the United States.

Ford was apparently impressed with my million-dollar super smeller idea from last year and invited Wake and Wander back for a second round. We’re not a car publication (obviously), but we are interested in how the auto industry affects the travel world. Ryan Dearth fills us in on an interesting concept surrounding the use of Zipcar by travelers instead of traditional rental car services.


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