Photo Gallery: Quebec, Cabo, Cancun Shots Now Available

I arrived in Colorado on Wednesday, and last night I had an amazing dinner at Panzano, feasting on some Northern Italian cuisine. It’s located off the lobby of the Hotel Monaco in downtown Denver, and I had the opportunity to sit at the chef’s table. I’ll feature that here on Wake and Wander next week, and it will also be part of a story in the coming weeks.

It’s been a rather administrative day for me, not much writing but tons of busy work. One thing I’ve been trying to tackle is my photo collection – they have gotten a bit unorganized. I’ve uploaded (and will continue to upload) a bunch of photos to Wake’s Facebook page, including albums from the Quebec City Winter Carnival, Los Cabos, and Cancun.

Speaking of Cabo, I’ll be there in the beginning of August. Here is a photo from my last visit. Check out Facebook for more, and have yourself one hell of a weekend.

The infamous arch of Los Cabos.

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