Elevated Hot Springs to Show Off Summer Side of Aspen

Aspen may have lifts to help you out during the winter, but we’ll be on our own this weekend as we hike up into the mountains surrounding the infamous ski town for an overnight at the Conundrum Hot Springs – the highest elevated natural hot springs in North America.

This will be a true backpacking adventure as the hot springs are 8.5 miles from the trailhead at 11,200 ft. There are natural water sources, but a recent incident involving a lost herd of cattle that froze to death in the area will force us to be extra careful when it comes to filtering our drinking water (a prime example of why it’s important to check for advisories before a trip).

The temperature at the springs can get down into the high 40s or low 50s at night, making the near 100-degree springs sound like somewhat of a heavenly oasis after the long trek in. It’s apparently a place where people cut loose – rumor has it the springs tend to be clothing optional and the good times often drug induced. I’ll obviously be off the grid for a few days, but full stories and photos to come of everything, minus the nudity.

You’ll have to tag along if you want to experience that part.


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