Photos: Rocky Mountain Road Through Independence Pass

My exploration of Colorado continued this weekend with a backcountry camping adventure to Conundrum Hot Springs in Aspen, the highest elevated natural hot springs in North America at 11,200 feet. Complete story and photos to come, but you can see a preview photo of the springs on Wake and Wander’s Facebook page.

The Rocky Mountains have been flexing their muscles all summer as much of my work has been focused out west, starting with a rock climbing adventure in Boulder back in June, humbly hiking my first fourteener, and a recent trip to the cascading lakes of Brainard Recreation Area.

From Aspen we crossed the Independence Pass on the way back to Denver, which is often closed in the winter due to large volumes of snow. It was bright and beautiful for most of the drive, the clouds coming over the mountains only enhancing the already spectacular scenery. Here are a few photos of the drive:

The sun breaks through a set of dark clouds on Independence Pass.
This photos shows the winding switchbacks that make up the Independence Pass.
The Independence Pass is highlighted in red on this map showing the route from Aspen to Denver.

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