Photos: Labor Day Weekend in the Rocky Mountains

I’m in the Longmont/Lyons area of Colorado, about 15 miles north of Boulder and 40 miles from Denver. Yesterday I took my first mountain bike ride in the foothills of the Rockies above Lyons, and I went over the handlebars twice on the way back down. I’ve got to be honest, I liked it a lot. Photos and stories of this to come, as well as from my time at the Green Mountain Reservoirthe St. Julien in Boulder, and Oskar Blues Brewery.

Right now I am on the run, headed back to Denver today and then flying to the east coast tomorrow. I haven’t had much time with the pen and the pad due to the schedule, but it has been one hell of a trip. Here are a few photos of my Labor Day weekend, stay tuned for more details:

Green Mountain Reservoir
Rainbow at Green Mountain Reservoir.
Yours truly at St. Mary's Glacier.


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