VIA Rail Ride Through Canada to Show Off Fall Foliage

I am in route from Colorado to Canada, making my way east to Nova Scotia. This weekend I will get a chance to experience VIA Rail, Canada’s often-scenic national passenger rail service, as I travel west to Montreal. The train ride from Halifax to Montreal is called the Ocean Route, but I’m hoping the fall colors will do just as much talking.

Halifax is a maritime town located on the eastern side of Nova Scotia, directly east off the coast of Maine. I will spend a few days there before catching the train to Montreal, where I will also spend a few days. The train ride between the two runs through New Brunswick and along the St. Lawrence River – it should be beautiful as mid-October sounds like prime time for leaf-peeping up there.

Stay tuned for stories and photos from Halifax, Montreal, and the journey between. I’m interested to see how it is traveling through Canada via train.


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