Wake to Leave GoNOMAD, Partner With Travel and Escape

As Wake and Wander celebrates its two-year anniversary this December, there is change on the horizon for 2013.

After about a year and a half as part of GoNOMAD’s blog network, Wake will wave goodbye at the end of 2012 and move on to form a partnership with Travel and Escape Canada. While the site will live under the URL of wakeandwander.com, it will be one of Travel and Escape’s featured blogs and will have a dedicated page and profile on the Travel and Escape website. This page is still under construction, but I will be sure to disseminate it upon its launch in January.

Wake and Wander will remain entirely independent of Travel and Escape, however it will provide weekly content as an adventure travel columnist to the Travel and Escape website and undergo a site renovation over the next few months to improve the experience of its readers.

As for changes to content, style, and personality, expect none. I will also continue to cover far more than adventure travel each week, documenting my thoughts on all destinations I visit, as per usual Wake and Wander editorial.

I must tip my cap to GoNOMAD for all it has provided me, especially the guidance and support of Editor Max Hartshorne and Associate Editor Stephen Hartshorne, who saw something in my work and writing when not many others were willing to listen. I am thankful for the successful partnership that we had and I wish GoNOMAD nothing but sunny skies in the future.

But, for me, it’s time to move on to a new challenge, and I look forward to the theoretical blank page of joining Travel and Escape, which, at only a year old, boasts almost half a million monthly unique visitors, over 3 million page views, and more than 40,000 “Likes” on Facebook.

Write me with any questions, and please bear with me as the site transitions.



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