Bobsledding to Kick Off Week on Slopes in Salt Lake

Well, I think the only way I’m going to shake this Swedish hangover (I’ve been home over a week and I’m still fascinated by the experience) is to tackle another first. It’s totally random, for sure, but fitting given my recent streak of winter-climate travel: I’m going to go bobsledding tomorrow in Utah.

Like a good little writer, I went online to do some research on the sport. The first webpage I opened gives this description:

Tomorrow, I will bobsled for the first time.
Tomorrow, I will bobsled for the first time.

If you’ve ever hit a patch of ice while driving your car, you’ve experienced a very tiny piece of what driving a bobsled is like. On an icy road, there’s almost no friction between your tires and the road surface, so you can’t steer very well. And any sudden moves, like hitting the brake, can send you spinning out of control.

So imagine if your car were open at the top and back, like a bobsled, and that the patch of ice lasted for almost a mile. It’s not a mile of straight, level road, either — it’s full of dramatic curves and downhill most of the way. That’s what being in a bobsled is like. Drivers and crew plummet down a hill on a track, or run, that’s full of twists and turns. A wrong move can cause a dramatic crash.­

Ha, I guess we’ll see how it goes?

The skiing will begin on Thursday. I’m writing a story for the Daily Journal in Chicago on Park City, so we’ll spend a few days there before bouncing around a little bit. Another highlight will be the Interconnect Tour, which takes you through the Wasatch mountain backcountry via routes in and out of six different ski resorts. While I’m familiar with tree runs, it will be my first time skiing beyond the ropes in the backcountry.

I’ll be updating you with photos and thoughts as I go, along with some other stuff thrown in along the way. It’s been a busy year already and there are a few things to catch up on.



  1. How fascinating! I follow a blog (The Usual Bliss) about life in Park City – since you’re in the area, she might be a good tour guide for the local perspective!

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