Breakfast Table Convo: Cruise Ships, New Jersey, Aerial Yoga

I’m getting in my last bit of the warm breezes here on St. Maarten, but it’s back to winter tomorrow. I’ll fly back to the mainland and spend a few days in Philly catching up before heading west to Vail next weekend. March also brings a ski trip to Quebec City, and I’m working on a few other things that may or may not work out. Such is travel.

ConversationI’m relaxing this morning, taking it slow and enjoying the coffee, reading. I would imagine you are doing the same. Should you step out for brunch, here’s a few things to chat about that caught my eye this week:

Cruise Ships Coming to Charleston? Other than the obvious problems the cruise ship industry has brought upon themselves in the past year, there’s also trouble brewing in Charleston. While on one hand you could look at this as a localized event, I have a feeling that there are many port towns that feel the same, that aren’t particularly proud about having the ships in their town. I’ll be discussing this next week on Garden State Radio (details to come).

Revel to File for Bankruptcy: Things just keep getting worse for Revel (and Atlantic City in general). This week, the most expensive hotel/casino ever built in New Jersey announced that it would file for bankruptcy. The crazy thing is that it’s only been open a year, and was supposed to be the savior of Atlantic City. This summer should be incredibly interesting for Revel as it plans to open a beachside bar and reinvent its marketing techniques. If you have plans to go, no worries – the hotel says nothing will change in terms of its operations. That said, I’d keep an eye on it if I were you and call before booking your stay.

Aerial yoga. Photo by Jimmy Im.
Aerial yoga. Photo by Jimmy Im.

Aerial Yoga: Yoga has certainly evolved, don’t you think? Now you can add aerial yoga to the list of variations, and I’ve got to be honest — I’m pretty pumped to try this out. Apparently you are suspended in the air and use a hammock sort of thing to stretch out in different aerial positions.

Chicago, New York on List of Most Miserable Cities: Using criteria such as the housing market, taxes, length of commute and traffic, Forbes put together a list of the country’s most miserable cities. While many are smaller towns, I was surprised to see Chicago and New York both in the top ten. Detroit, predictably and sadly, was number one.


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