Five Soft Adventures and Eco-tours to Try in Trinidad

Trinidad is a rather large island as far as Caribbean islands go—2,000 square miles—which means plenty of hidden gems and lots of adventure to be found. With approximately one-third of the island still made up of wilderness, you can certainly find plenty of extreme hikes and travel opportunities if that’s what you’re looking for.

But there’s also a softer side of adventure in Trinidad: “soft adventures” that are easily accessible to the general public but will still make you feel like you’re getting off the beaten path. Here are five that I’d recommend:

Hike to Maracas Falls

A short, moderate uphill walk through a lush and green forest dead ends at this 91-metre waterfall, a popular place for locals on weekends and for religious ceremonies (you’ll see half-burnt candles all along the trail as well as under the falls). Be sure to wear your bathing suit and stand under the falls for the full effect. About half way up, you’ll see a small trail that heads off to the right—take that to reach a series of small, swimmable natural pools.

Scarlet Ibis flying in from Venezuela to roost in the swamps of Trinidad. Photo by Wake and Wander.
Scarlet Ibis flying in from Venezuela to roost in the swamps of Trinidad. Photo by Wake and Wander.
Take a Swamp Tour to Watch the Scarlet Ibis Migration

If you’re a bird watcher, this experience is probably already on your bucket list. If you know nothing about birds, you can thank me later, as it truly is a spectacular phenomenon. Fifteen thousand scarlet ibis birds (Trinidad’s national bird) migrate every morning to Venezuela and then back to Trinidad every evening to roost in the Caroni swampland. The most amazing thing about the birds is their vibrant red color  which is magnified greatly by the green surroundings as the birds fly in during the twilight hour. For more information, visit

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