You Can Actually Sail on the World’s Largest Resort Pool

I’m currently in  South Carolina after making the drive down from the northeast earlier this week. I stopped for a night in Wilmington, North Carolina, and now I’ll spend next five days exploring Charleston. It’s 80 degrees and sunny in this neck of the woods, and I must say I’ve always been a fan of the coastal channels and waterways that are predominant in the southeastern part of the States. Sitting on a dock yesterday and having a few beers, looking out over the tall grasses and the flowing water and seeing the dolphins, it suddenly felt like summer (photos to come).

It’s heating up all over the country as we approach Memorial Day, and after a long (but fun) winter, I’m ready to lose a couple layers of clothes. We still have lots to discuss about Door County, but in the meantime I wanted to give you some eye candy to get you pumped for the summer. I recently did a story for Conde Nast on the world’s largest resort pool in Chile. How big is it? Well, you can sail on it, for starters!

World's Largest Hotel Pool at San Alfonso del Mar in Chile.
World’s Largest Hotel Pool at San Alfonso del Mar in Chile.

At 3/5 of a mile long, The Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile is the length of 20 Olympic-size pools and holds 66 million gallons of seawater over an area of about 20 acres. Not impressed? How about the fact that the pool reaches depths of 115 feet! That’s like, incredible, right? Hang on to your sunglasses.

The mega-pool is estimated to have cost about $1 billion to build. A filtration system draws water directly from the sea — there just ain’t a hose big enough to fill this sucker with fresh water. Because of its sheer size, the cost of upkeep is about $2 million a year according to the Daily Mail.

See more photos and read the rest of this story on Hotel Chatter.


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