Can We Ditch the Damn Drink Cart Already? Pretty Please?

Travelers flying on Southwest Airlines will notice some major differences as compared to competing airlines. We all know about the open seating and the lack of a first class, but have you noticed that most flights don’t use a drink cart?

It’s true. The flight attendants take and deliver your order. And guess what? I’m so happy, the next round is on me.

Think about it. The only benefit of the drink cart goes to the flight attendants… you know, the ones who aren’t paying to be there. It allows them to serve the cabin with minimal effort, but unfortunately the weight of this convenience falls on the shoulders of the customers (us!).

Why do I hate the drink cart so much? Well, it just makes no sense. Whoever made the decision to roll a bulky, heavy cart down a narrow, busy aisle must have utilized a few free drink tickets during the brainstorming session.

Drink and food carts completely block the aisle, which prevents passengers from using the restroom and forces those who do get up to congregate in the aisles when they can’t get back to their seat. And even if you’re a good boy and stay seated, good luck relaxing or sleeping as the noisy, clunky cart comes down the aisle and hits your elbows – it’s one of the classic and clichéd downfalls of an aisle seat, but it’s certainly accurate in its annoyance. I also find feelings of claustrophobia to increase when the cart is parked next to my row, literally boxing me in and leaving me wondering when that can of soda is going to fall into my lap.

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