Pay As You Go? Bathroom-Themed Restaurant Opens in LA

There are lots of shitty restaurants out there, but this one is throwing it right in your face.

On one hand, the newly opened Magic Restroom Cafe in L.A. is pretty unique and fun, but then again, is anyone really surprised that the idea of eating food from a toilet-shaped bowl and naming food dishes after bodily functions is uncommon in America?

Well, here’s the crazy part: This concept is rocking and rolling at more than a dozen restaurants in Taiwan, so much so that a first-time restaurateur from China decided to bring the idea to the States. Yep, apparently people in East Asia are lining up to sit on the toilet and chow down on disgustingly named Taiwanese dishes, including a braised pork dish called “smells-like-poop” and a vanilla-strawberry sundae named “bloody number two.” Bloody number two… are you serious?

The other dishes are no better. “Black poop” is a chocolate sundae, and those craving a zha jiang mian plate should order “constipation.” Want something really special? Try the restaurant’s signature dish, “golden poop rice,” served in a toilet bowl and pictured above. If you can get through two bites without imagining you are slurping down diarrhea, is the dish free?

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  1. Believe me when I say I do want to travel around the globe and see crazy stuff. But still can’t think of one reason why I would wanna sit and eat any coloured poop items. But if it works, which it does, I feel like going to the actual loo. *Grossed out*

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