This Portugal Jeep Tour is Driven by a Former Rally Car Racer

Our crew on top of of an overlook near Sagres, Portugal. Photo by Ryan Dearth.

So when he pushes it into fourth gear and rips down the off-road dirt trail to make sure you don’t “feel the bumps as much” or takes you up 45-degree climbs to reach coastal vistas, don’t say we didn’t warn you, all right?

Seriously, this was easily the most free-wheeling jeep tour I’ve ever experienced. It’s all thanks to Sandro Pombal of Sagres Discovery, who is a former driver for Mitsubishi’s regional rally team and who has since “settled down” to spend his days driving the trails along Portugal’s rocky, elevated south and west coastlines, an area that is, without question, still undiscovered by American tourists (which I’ll nag you about soon).

Yours truly at the cliffs of Cape Saint Vincent. Photo by Ryan Dearth.
Yours truly at the cliffs of Cape Saint Vincent. Photo by Ryan Dearth.

Don’t take this to mean the tour isn’t safe (it is), but Sandro will definitely give adventure seekers what they’re looking for, both in terms of the off-road experience as well as the incredible perspectives of the natural scenery. The tour is basically a day of beach hopping, from one sandy paradise to another, with stops at overlooks and cliff sides thrown in along the way.

Check out a full photo gallery of my experience here. 


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