Greetings From the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

View of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim. Photo by Wake and Wander.
View of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim. Photo by Wake and Wander.

I’m down there… somewhere.

Most people only see the Grand Canyon from above, looking out from a viewing platform on the South Rim near the visitor center. For those that need a reminder of its “grandness,” the canyon is 277 “river miles” long, one mile deep, and 18 miles at its widest point.

But none of that makes any sense until you see it in person. It’s an overwhelming sight, especially on your first time, for sure, and it’s time I took a closer look. This weekend, I’m headed off on a multi-day backpacking trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, making my way to Havasupai Falls with AOA Adventures. It’s about an 8-mile hike from the top of the canyon, and then we’ll tour around for two days before summiting on Monday afternoon. It’s going to be hella hot, but as I said, I like the heat.

Is Havasupai the best oasis in the world? I’ll let you know when I return to civilization next week with lots of photos, info, and inspiration for a trip of your own.


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