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  1. Hi Wil – Hope the skiing rocks in Park City for you this week. I really enjoyed chatting with you on the long plane ride. Thankfully we had extra room on the plane – that is a rare treat these days! Travel well, and if you’re ever up in the great Pacific Northwest give me a shout. Take care, Phaedra

  2. Hello,

    I am looking for some guidance concerning your recent article on Hotel Chatter: Hyatt’s recent press release.

    Earlier this week Hyatt released the below press that announced their partnership with Playa Hotels & Resorts. I just talked to Hyatt’s consumer affairs and they confirmed that they have entered into a partnership with Playa. The partnership includes rebranding six of Playa’s 13 properties.

    The concerning part is that the press release lists THE Royal Cancun as being one or the first two resorts that will be rebranded and constructed. However, the part that is extremely confusing (which the person helping me could not explain) is that THE Royal Cancun is NOT one of Playa’s properties. It is owned by Real Resorts.

    I don’t know what to make of this. But I have personal cause to very concerned and looking for clarification.

  3. Hey Will-recent transplant from south Jersey to Denver to complete my medical residency. My aunt Joanne Corson who knows you gave me your card and recommended I give you a shout out. Great website! Going to to scope out some future vacation sites.

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