Hair of the Dog

The sun was hot and so they each ordered a whiskey and soda.  He tasted the cold drink and hoped it would make him feel better.  He had read that it was only a rumor but he knew it always had and that it would again.

“I had sex with a Latin girl last night,” he said to his friend.

“What, you starting to love them now?”

“Not particularly,” he said, “It was just available and just again happened to be so.”

“Well how was it?”

“I don’t remember much to be quite honest with you.”

“But you must remember some of it.”

“Yeah, some of it,” he said, “Hey, this is an awfully nice drink,” and he swirled the ice cubes and drank from the glass.

“Don’t feel so bad.  I had sex with Jenny last night and gave it about twenty-two percent effort.”

“Poor Jen,” he said to his friend, “All these years and never a raise.”

“Something tells me she’s all right with it.”

“Fair enough.”

His friend asked, “Are you going to call her?”

“We’ll see.”

“Is it the drinking that upsets you?”

“One day it’s the cause, the next it’s the solution, and so on,” he told his friend.

Happy to be part of the solution, his friend said, “Cheers.”



  1. The reason I enjoyed this short story is because it subtly clues you into the trap of monogamy. The first guy has it right, mix it up a bit. When in Rome, do an Italian broad. Your sanity will leave you the more you become dependent on others.

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