Hemingway’s Tab

“It’s not about the sex,” he told his friend.


“I think you’d be surprised to hear my number.”

“I don’t want to hear it. We’re too old for that.”

“I’m just trying to explain it to you.”

“All right, if it’s not sex, then why the restlessness man?”

“It’s the other feelings. They’re all so different.”

“Haven’t you found one you’ve liked?”

“Absolutely,” he told his friend, “I’ve found many of them I’ve liked.” He waited for a response but his friend was sipping the beer and so the man added, “But I have a favorite color too, and I still wear others.”

Swallowing and putting the beer down his friend said, “Now you sound like a child.”

“Say whatever you want man,” he told his friend, “I’m just trying to explain it to you.”

“Well, explain it all you want. The result is the same.”

“What’s the result?”

“You know your little saying about the bill?”

“What about it?”

“It’s not going to be pretty.”

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