The Beginning of Something

The Beginning of Something (Via Text)

“See, it’s not that awkward being friends!”

“No, that was fun seeing you again. I kinda like this new idea”

“It’s a novel thought isn’t it, two people hanging out?”

“Yes but it has often seemed impossible in the past!”

“But you’re all right with it now?”

“It’s not about me”

“You explained it all and it’s fine?”

“Not exactly”

“You’re not feeling bad about it, are you?”


“Will you say anything?”

“If it comes up”

“But not before?”

“I won’t keep it a secret if that’s what you’re getting at”

“Good. Because there’s nothing to hide, you know?”

“I know it :)”

“I’m free Friday if you’d like to give it another go?”

“Friday’s are tough as you might imagine… I’m not sure that would go over well”

“We could try for Sunday if you want”

“We’ll figure it out… I have to tread carefully”

“There has been nothing to hide and nothing to tread about. Do you feel all right about it?”

“It’s actually been quite liberating”

“It’s a pretty reasonable concept, amiga, nothing to feel bad about”

“You might be right about this one”

“But I must say I was intrigued by what you said”

“I should never have said it”

“I’m glad you did, but I’m not sure what to do with it”

“So far you’ve done all right. The whole thing was a good idea and we have nothing to feel bad about”

“I know. But I was glad to hear it”

“The whole thing was a good idea and I’m glad it didn’t turn into a bad one”

“I have lots of other good ideas, too”

“That is still to be decided”

“Ha! Just you wait”

“One at a time for now, ok?”

“For sure”

“I mean it”

“Totally. You let me know when you’re ready for another”

“I’ll let you know if I ever iron out the picky deets haha”

“Don’t do anything crazy”

“It would never be that easy”

“Ok. One day I’ll tell you some of my other ideas”

“Bring some next time if you want and I’ll take a look”

“Now we’re talking!”


“Well, goodnight then. Don’t want to keep you”

“Yeah, I should go”


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