Pismo’s Natural Beauty, Surf Provides Relaxing Sunday

Growing up on the East Coast really messed up my head.

Every beach town in the Northeast seems to come along with bells and whistles, with crowds and boardwalks. When I first moved out to California in 2009, I was surprised by how simple beach towns were. Wait, the beach is the main attraction?

I walked the streets of Pismo Sunday morning, watching the overcast sky slowly break apart and the sun sneak through. The scenery was so calm and relaxing – even with the rain. FYI, San Luis Obispo (10-15 minutes north of Pismo) was named the happiest city in America.

It’s what I love about the West Coast – it lets nature do the talking. And I’ve mentioned this before: if it were not for a sign on the highway, you could easily drive right past Pismo and never know it was there (assuming you’re ignoring the views of the Pacific and the rocky coastline).

In addition to feeling out the town, I checked out a Vintage VW car show and a surfing competition, both part of Wine, Waves, and Beyond.

Here are some photos of Pismo.

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