Photos and Video: Inspiration Point Summit

Yesterday, we went on a hike (Inspiration Point) that results in what I consider to be the best view of Santa Barbara (in terms of local hikes) – you can see from downtown all the way to the airport in Goleta (and beyond).  During the winter, the sun sets over the water and it is absolutely stunning. When the weather is clear like it was yesterday, you can see the Channel Islands, too. (Click here to view the map and see where the trail starts).

For more videos and pictures, check out the photo and video sections, or visit (and “like” or “follow”) Wake and Wander’s Facebook or Twitter page (@wakeandwander).

I told you Twitter was coming, but luckily I have someone else running that show for me.

One comment

  1. Inspiration Point is seriously the BEST hike in Santa Barbara! I like that you have the option of going to either Inspiration Point or Seven Falls. Both are beautiful hikes and Inspiration has some of the best views in the city. You can see all way out to Isla Vista and Point Conception and the islands if it is a super clear day!! I did this hike about a month ago with a group of friends from college and we loved it just as much as we did then.

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