Quebec: Wake and Wander Arrives at Ice Hotel

I’m here at the Ice Hotel, currently in a waiting area for a few minutes until my bag arrives from the lobby and we get a briefing concerning our survival.

I took a short stroll through the hotel, and I am simply amazed – this place is absolutely incredible, like nothing I’ve ever seen.

It was in the mid-sixties when I left Philadelphia this morning, and we flew over a thick patch of clouds for the last half of the flight, creating quite the contrast as we descended below the clouds, from the sunny skies to a land covered in snow.

Full story to come on the Ice Hotel – for now I’m going to go live it.


Front of Quebec City Ice Hotel.


    • Hi Robert! Thanks for reaching out. It was really great meeting you. I have been traveling quite a bit and it has been one hell of a ride! How did the rest of your trip go?

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