Day Trip: High Speed Ferry to St. Barths

We had an awfully nice evening last night – we cooked ribs and had a salad, watched the sun set from our patio. The warm evenings here have been extremely mellow, water beading on the outside of our plastic cups. We finally smartened up and began keeping the ice in the freezer – it melts within a few minutes if you leave it in the bucket on the table.

I just enjoyed the sunrise, looking out the window from my bed as the palm trees morphed from dark silhouettes to green and brown vegetation. Not many covers are needed, but still it’s nice to lay with a sheet over you. I suppose it’s a form of comfort, or something.

Now it’s time to up the pace – we are cruising over to St. Barth’s today after we have coffee and breakfast. The Jamaican woman at the front desk told me she finds the island boring, which means I will probably love it – from what I hear it’s pretty wide open.

I’ll let you know!

Photos from last night:

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