St Maarten Morning After: Who Put Pernod in My Glenlivet?

In my favorite book, Hemingway wrote that the bill always comes.

He was talking about a woman – about having her as a friend – but his observation goes far beyond the front lines of dating.

I’ll be honest: I sat Indian style on the shower floor for ten minutes this morning, letting the water hit me on the back of the head, my neck extended and unsupportive. There have been other mornings that I thought would never pass, yet nothing screams la cuenta like an arrival celebration in a tropical destination with good people.

Also aiding the cause: I went into the store down the street and bought two one-liter bottles, Pernod and Absolut, and the total came to $23.


My friend bought a bottle of Glenlivet, and before long we were all smiles, sitting out on the balcony watching the light fade over the water. I’ll show you some nice sunset photos later, but right now it’s time get my act together.

On Wednesday, we are going to take the ferry over to St. Barth’s, and I’m getting an island tour one of these days. Coverage on hotel properties and the different towns of the island to come over the next fourteen days, among other adventures.

All right – quick happy hour cocktail (ha), then into the lab. I went on a hike today – beautiful – video and photos on the way.

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