Costa Cancun Photos: Sneak Peek of the Lagoon

We arrived at the Barcelo Maya today (Riviera Maya, about 45 minutes south of Cancun), and I must say I am pretty stunned, rather impressed. This place is absolutely gigantic (it’s made up of five hotels and over ten restaurants), and we shot video of three restaurants today, the highlight a Brazilian-style eatery that slices and serves different types of meat table side.

I’ll have a map and some photos tomorrow, but honestly I think it’s going to take all week for me to capture/photograph the place – it’s so big, there’s a train that runs from one side to another. A fifteen-minute walk only put us about halfway across the complex – it seems we are going to earn and burn those calories this week.

As I said yesterday, a piece or two comparing the ocean and lagoon sides of Cancun is to come, including insight on the Tucancun and Costa Cancun.

I’m on the run to try the on-site Caribbean restaurant here in Maya, but for now here’s a preview of the Costa Cancun:

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